Auto-Tune's default initialization settings can be subtle to hear.  If you're trying to achieve the classic "Auto-Tune® effect," follow the instructions below: 

1. Set the Key and Scale settings to match your song.

2. Set the Retune Speed to 0.

3. Play your track. If you like the result, you’re done.

4. If you’re not happy with the result, try one or more of the following:

    • Edit the scale notes using the Keyboard or Edit Scale Display. Adding or removing scale notes can give you distinctly different effects. Removing some notes from your Scale can be especially effective for a more dramatic effect on note transitions.

    • Try a different key and/or scale.

    • Try a Retune Speed of 2 or 3 or a bit slower. This will allow slight pitch variations and slightly less instant note transitions but may result in the right effect for a particular performance.

    • Make sure your Auto-Tune® plugin is not bypassed.